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Deodorant (2.5 oz)


This deodorant truly works! I am a stinky sweater, I'll admit it. If I don't apply deodorant in the morning, you'll know it by lunch. But I absolutely HATE the chemicals in regular products, and those 'big-brand' natural deodorants just don't work. Lexi:Deo blows every store bought deodorant I've tried out of the water! With the "48-hours Clinical Strength" types, I was still needing to reapply once a day, and the natural and rock salt deodorants are total and utter crap. Sorry, but they simply do NOT stop the smell at all.

Lexie:Deo last all day, through chasing my 1 year old around to runs with the dog. As advertised it does not stop the wetness, but I have actually noticed a bit of a decrease (maybe because I'm not slathering my skin with chemicals and it is finally able to breath and self-regulate?). But the fact that it blocks the gross BO is all that matters to me!
Date Added: 12/07/2013 by Michelle Maillet

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