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Deodorant (2.5 oz)


I recently found out that I have breast cancer history in my family, along with some other medical issues which led me to really begin researching natural products to take care of myself and my family better. That's when I found Lexie:Deo. I have spent SO MUCH money on "natural" products that you find in the big box stores. All of those purchases left me with the need to reapply SEVERAL times a day and still having an odor from the underarms. But not Lexie:Deo!!!! I apply once in the morning as I'm getting ready for my day and I am good!! No stinky sweaty smell, no need to reapply several times over. When I use my Lexie:Deo, I have reassurance that I will be fresh naturally all day long without all those harmful chemicals doing damage to my body. Thank you Lexie for giving me confidence to continue in my 'crunchy' journey!! :)
Date Added: 10/19/2014 by Cyrena Melick

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