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Q:  What are the ingredients in your products?

A:  All of our ingredients are listed under each product.  We only use high quality ingredients and often organic when possible.  We do NOT use fillers, fragrant oils, or anything that's not natural.  We have high standards for the word "natural"!  Some of our products contain essential oils.  

Q:  Does the deodorant work?
A: Our deodorant was created for our family, and it works for us.  It also works for countless other families who have been buying our products for years.  Everyone is different, so it may not work for you.  This is why we offer the doedorant in the trial size.  We'd love for you to try some to see if it works for you! You can click here to purchse the trial size! 
Q:  I want to buy some of your products.  What is the best way for me to do that?

A: You can now order directly from our site.  Pleae visit the online store and order there (even if you know me and often see me in person).  
For wholesale orders please email me.

Q:  Are you on Facebook?

A:  Yes!  You can find us here.

Q:  Are you on Twitter?
A: Yes!  You cand find us here.

Q:  Are you on Instagram?
A: Yes!  You can find us here.

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